Best baseball equipment you must know about it

Baseball is an interesting game which is played by bat and ball.

Mainly the game competes between two opposing teams, one team takes batting while the other team is involved in fielding.

The player on the fielding team called the pitcher while a player on the batting team tried to hit that ball with a bat.


Best baseball equipment you must know about it


The baseball equipment is made with different materials.

A list of all necessary equipment that is used while playing baseball


Batting helmet, Baseball cap, Catcher’s helmet, Uniform, Sliding shorts, Bat, Baseball cleats, Ball, Gloves, Catcher’s mitt, First baseman’s mitt, Batting gloves


1.Batting Helmet

A helmet is worn by the player to protect the head from getting injured by the ball.

Helmets are of different kinds like some helmets have ear protectors on one side and some have ear protectors on both sides as some players are right-handed and some left-handed.


2. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are also familiar in public as fashion.

It is generally used to protect the player’s eye from the sun. All players wear a hat for UV protection.


3. Catcher’s Helmet

It’s a helmet with a face mask that covers both head and face. A player can wear a separate helmet and facemask


4. Uniform

Likewise other games it has also a uniform with unique design and color. The players, coaches, and managers wear shirts and pants where each team wears definite color and a design.


5. Sliding Shorts

To protect the Player’s thigh they sometimes wear padded support shorts when players slide into the bases. Some shorts contain pockets.


6. Baseball Cleats

Baseball shoes are designed especially for better traction. These shoes are made of rubber or metal.


7. Baseball Bat

The bat is made of solid wooden or hollow aluminum which is shaped around. Traditionally the wooden bat is made from ash wood and others include maple, bamboo, and hickory.


8. Ball

The ball is a sphere-shaped from the layers of yarn or string around a small core of cork, rubber, or similar material and covered with two strips of white horsehide or cowhide. A leather coat is also stitched over it. Thus a baseball is made.


9. Gloves

Baseball gloves are of different types. Players of the defending team wear them to assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by the batsman. This equipment protects the player’s palm. It is made of leather and designed with a webbed ‘pocket’ between the first finger and thumb to catch the ball easily.


10. Catcher’s Mitt

It is a bit different than a normal fielder’s glove. Four fingers remain connected. It’s much wider and better padded where mitts remain connected and made of leather.


11. First Baseman’s Mitt

It is made of leather. However, it is similar to a catcher’s mitt but in addition, the mitt is rounded and more padded. The first baseman’s mitt is wider and longer than the fielder’s glove.


12. Batting Gloves

To avoid the shock from striking the ball gloves are used. Also, it gives additional grip to strike the ball. Batsmen can wear the gloves on one or both hands.

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