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It is believed that a baseball glove was first used by Doug Allison due to an injured left hand (1870)

Although Spalding informed he saw Charles C. Wore a pair of flesh-colored gloves.

Gloves which are used basically in the baseball game are called baseball gloves.

The object is to protect the palms of the Player’s hand from any kind of injury. 

Gloves are made of leather. It has a web patterned pocket between the thumb and the first finger to catch the ball.

Baseball gloves are of different types including catcher’s mitt, fielder’s gloves, first base gloves, batting gloves, training gloves, infield gloves, and outfield gloves. 



Catcher’s Mitt

A standard glove is made of a single or two layers of leather but a catcher’s mitt is thicker than other gloves and is made with five layers of leather padding.

It is a bit different than a normal fielder’s glove. Four fingers remain connected. It’s much wider and better padded where mitts remain connected and made of leather.


Fielder’s Gloves

These gloves are worn by any defensive position player.


First Baseman’s Mitt

This mitt is especially for a first baseman to accomplish specific tasks.

It is made of leather. The glove has a wide web pattern and mitten like conjoined fingers, which creates a deep pocket for receiving balls effectively and secures offending throws. 

However, it is similar to a catcher’s mitt but in addition, the mitt is rounded and more padded. The first baseman’s mitt is wider and longer than the fielder’s glove. The gloves are typically larger than infielders gloves but smaller than some outfield gloves. The range is between 12  to 13 inches in length.


Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are typically made of leather and back consist of nylon or synthetic fabric.

Gloves provide a better grip and comfort for the players, prevent injury and act as a shock absorber. Gloves also help your hand from getting sweaty in summer or prevent vibration in winter.  

Batsmen may wear the gloves on one or both hands according to their needs (for any lefty or right-handed player).


Training Gloves

During training, a player must have one or a couple of training gloves in their bag to secure their hands from unwanted blisters.

Gloves are used for fielding, catching, throwing, or receiving balls.


Infielder Baseball Gloves

The Infielder’s mitt is worn by a second, third, or fourth baseman but not a first baseman.

They are designed with i-web, single post, dual post, modified trapeze, to create a more shallow pocket 2-piece closed web patterns are used. Infield baseball gloves are shorter than outfielder’s gloves, they range from 11 to 12 inches so that the fielder can catch easily and transfer the ball quickly.


Outfielder Baseball Gloves

These gloves are worn by outfield players. Technically they are longer than infield baseball gloves.

An Outfield glove has a dual post, modern trapeze with a trapeze pattern. They are basically designed for more stability and having a deeper pocket helps to catch the ball.

The glove size is usually 12.5-12.75 inches for adults and 11 inches for children.

An Outfielder’s gloves are different from an Infielder’s glove. Having both gloves is better but you can also play the outfield with an infield glove, it’s not a big deal.

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