What You Know About Baseball Rules And What You Don’t Know About Baseball Rules

Baseball: How to Play? 

Baseball is a sport that is called the world’s fastest-growing sport. About 10 million people around the world play this game. It seems like Cricket. But there are lots of differences. In baseball, there have two teams and each team consists of nine players. Four umpires control the game from the field. In America, Baseball is the second most popular game. 



The baseball field almost looks like a Diamond shape where has a four-sided shape. Two sharp angles at the top and bottom seem like two triangles back to back.  

Before we start how to play baseball, we need to clear some terms first that might be helpful to understand newbies.

Base: Four points on the field like squire shape is called base where the player must have to run from home plate to home plate to get the point. 

The team who hit the ball is called the ‘offense team.’ The other team who throws the ball fielding team is called the ‘Defense Team’. The man who throws the ball is known as Pitcher and who hits the ball is called a Hitter. Baseball is almost like Cricket; the hitter’s task is to hit the ball that means Hitter has to face the Pitcher and hit with utmost power. 

Home plate is a place where the Hitter has to stay to face the Pitcher. The area of the Home plate seems like a five-sided slab. 

The hitter stays in the home plate to face the pitcher ball. If the Hitter hits the ball, then s/he will able to run to first base. Then second base, third base. And when Hitter able to cover up all the base to home plate, their team will get a score/point. But this is not easy how it sounds. The Pitcher throws the ball to you at more than 140 mph. When you hit the ball, the opponents have seven fielders, and the other two fielders are a pitcher and a wicketkeeper, ready to tag you. If they can tag you before you reach the baseline, you’re out.

Standing in the mound, The Pitcher throws the ball to home plate that swing, changeups, curve that deep duck fly to confound batters. If the hitter misses tree time to hit, the Hitter will out. 

In this way, when three hitters out is called the end of the first half of innings. Then the Offence team turns into the Defense team, and the defense team turns to the offense team. 

The game is divided into nine innings. Each innings has two parts one is for the offense other is for defense. The offense team out three players is called the end of first-half-innings then the defense team turns into offense team. If their three players out is called the end of second-half winnings. 

At the end of the game, the score is tallied. Which team has more runs wins the game. If the game is tied after nine innings, both teams will keep playing until the scores unsettled. 


You know that baseball has lots more detailed rules; it’s not possible to cover up within limited words. But It can be called the basics of baseball. 

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